For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also the Greek.

Romans 1:16

About Ivy Hill Baptist

Our church was founded in 1896.  Then it was just a small wood church with wooden pews.  Over the years God has blessed us with both spiritual and physical growth.   We have had 22 Pastors serve our church .  One of these Pastors, Willard Coffey, who served in 1947 and was the Grandfather of our current Pastor Jon Coffey. 

We are blessed to have had Pastor Worth Emory and his wife Marie serve our church for 59 year. Their tireless service has ministered to our congregation through joys and sorrows. For this reason we give thanks to God for their numerous works which include; giving to missions, cooking, and preparing food for the sick and bereaved, assisting with funerals, performing marriages. Worth  and Marie made numerous trips to Honduras over the years to minister. Also, events such as molasses making and numerous pot luck dinners at the community building. Of course we can't forget the many times we have gathered at the creek for an ole-fashioned baptism where we rejoiced with new believers. Worth and Marie have led us through multiple accomplishments over the years.  Worth would start his sermons with God is Good with the congregation resounding All the Time! We were all saddened in September 2019 when Pastor Worth said God is Good for the last time as Pastor of our church and decided retire.  He still proudly service his church and community in retirement as he always has. God is Good, All the Time!





    Pastors of Ivy Hill Church since 1896

Jack Sprinkle 1896

Tom Eatmon 1911

B.B. Styles Cole 1917

Everette Sprinkle 1927

Ransom R. Phillips 1928

Clay Barnes 1932

Ransom R. Phillips 1933

Harley Phillips 1934

John Wilder 1935

Bill Fleming 1936

Thomas Deaton 1937

Ralph Morgan 1938

Jack Buckner 1940·

Edd Ray 1942

Willard Coffey 1947

Loyd Ponder 1948

Jack Johnson 1953

Joe Honeycutt 1954

Burgess  Shelton 1955

Ed Shelton 1956

Troy Edwards 1958

Worth Emory 1960

Jon Coffey 2019